Dunhill Desire For Men Perfume EDT 100ml RED


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Dunhill Desire Red Extreme is a leather fragrance for men looking to create and leave a long-lasting impression on people. The fragrance is a concoction of woody and floral scents and has a prominent leathery smell.

The top notes are made up of blood orange, saffron, and bergamot. The heart of the perfume consists of clary sage and cypress. Finally, the base jumps in with a leathery texture in the form of leather, amber, vetiver, and patchouli. All the fragrances are well concocted and match up well to create an effervescent scent that has an ethereal presence. Dunhill Desire Red Extreme might be a new addition to the market, but it has enough in it to become a long-lasting addition to every person’s wardrobe.


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